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Should I Let My Dog Stop And Sniff On Walks?

Should I Let My Dog Stop And Sniff On Walks

It’s no secret that our dogs love to smell things! And while some people may think that letting their dog stop and sniff along the way is a harmless pastime, others might be concerned about the potential dangers of allowing their dog to do this on a regular basis. So should you let your dog sniff everything they want, or is there a better way to go about it? Why do dogs sniff? Dogs sniff as part […]

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Should I Let My Dog Stop And Sniff?

Should I Let My Dog Stop And Sniff

It’s a common question among dog owners – should they let their pups stop and sniff on walks, or keep them moving so they can get some exercise? The answer might surprise you – read on to find out why stopping to smell the roses (or in this case, the fire hydrants) can actually be good for your pup! What is the purpose of a dog’s sniffing? Dogs have an amazing sense of smell. In fact, their […]

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