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Why Is My Dog Aggressive Towards Some Dogs But Not Others?

Why Is My Dog Aggressive Towards Some Dogs But Not Others

You walk into your backyard and see your dog happily playing fetch with another dog. But as soon as you turn your back, your dog charges at another dog viciously barking and growling. What’s going on? Many owners wonder why their dogs behave aggressively towards certain other animals – especially if they’ve had no prior interactions with them. Some possible explanations include genetics, environment, and training. In this article, we’ll explore each of these factors in greater […]

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Why Is My Dog Suddenly Aggressive Toward Me?


When Fido, who was previously friendly, suddenly snaps or growls at you, it could be scary and disturbing. In fact, of all the dog behavior cases I observe, owner-directed aggression can occasionally be the most emotionally exhausting problem pet people face. Be at ease, though, because there are things you can take to address your dog’s problem with sudden aggression. We’ll cover everything you need to know below, including some likely reasons for this and what you […]

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10 Ways To Stop German Shepherd Puppy Aggressive Biting [Right Now!]

How to Get a German Shepherd Puppy to Stop Biting

Are you at your wit’s end trying to figure out how to stop your German Shepherd puppy’s savage biting right away? Avoid letting their bothersome nipping ruin your once-pleasant connection! Use these easy, practical techniques to stop German Shepherds from biting so you can regain control of their behaviour. 1. Play using unique toys Toys are helpful when playing with your puppy as they are a barrier between your fingers and teeth. Even better, engage a particular […]

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How To Handle Aggression Between Dogs (Inter-Dog Aggressive Behavior)

How to Stop Dog Aggression towards Other Dogs quickly and easily

Dogs attacking other dogs Interdog aggression, also known as aggressive behaviour between dogs, is displayed by dogs who are overly aggressive toward other dogs or dogs in the same family. There are several reasons why some dogs can develop aggressive Aggression, even though most people consider this behaviour ordinary. Aggression amongst dogs is substantially more common in male dogs that have not been neutered. Common signs often appear when a dog enters puberty (between six and nine […]

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Methods For Stopping Your Puppy’s Aggressive Behavior

How To Stop Aggressive Behavior In Puppies

Keep your lovely puppy from turning into a dangerous dog. Many people believe dogs bite “because that’s what they do.” However, dogs don’t just start acting aggressively out of the blue; most dogs become violent in stressful conditions. Therefore, the best way to prevent your puppy from growing up to be an angry or violent dog is to teach him how to avoid or handle stressful circumstances. Learn the warning signs of fear, such as being cornered […]

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