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Dog Training 101: How to Completely Train Your Dog


Are you ready to start training your dog or puppy? Socialization and appropriate training are among the basic requirements for your dog. As soon as you can, begin training your dog to sit, stay, come when called, go to their kennel, and relieve themselves outside. Unbelievably, even a novice can complete the task themself. It might be incredibly intimidating to begin training your dog, especially if it’s your first dog. Training your dog is a big task, […]

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Dog Training Tips – Do’s And Dont’s

Even though our adorable animal friends might be a pain at times, dogs provide us with so much joy and satisfaction. Here are nine ways to train your dog, whether it’s your own or one you borrow, to get past common canine quirks. First-aid tip: encourage jumping up. Some dogs are so excited to see you that they will jump up to meet you. When this happens, turn your head aside and extend a greeting until they […]

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Four Lifesaving Training Games To Teach Your Dog

The lifesaving ability to teach their dog to come when called must be prepared for puppies and older untrained dogs by owners. However, perfecting this command’s response takes time, especially with dogs who become frightened or sidetracked easily. If a dog flees while still learning to come when called, I teach these training drills as a precaution. “Gotcha” You’ve probably witnessed this scenario and perhaps even been in it yourself: A dog will be running on a […]

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