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Gentle Leader Harness Dog: When walking your dog, there are several collar and harness options to choose from.


When walking your dog, the collar or harness you choose can make a big difference in how enjoyable the experience is for both you and your canine companion! While there are numerous variations, we will focus on three basic styles from which to choose in this article. Traditional collars, traditional harnesses, and the original Gentle Leader Halter are the three options. Traditional collars are a good way to keep your dog’s identification if he gets lost. I […]

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Gentle Leader Collar for Dogs: A Dog Training Alternative – The Gentle Leader Leash


      Head or “harness” collars for dogs were new on the market and all the rage when I first started training dogs. Even though there are minor design differences and they are made by different companies, the Gentle Leader and the Halti are the two most well-known types of dog head collars and are frequently discussed interchangeably. I’ll focus on the Gentle Leader because I’ve used it a lot in my own life, though not […]

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