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Can you teach your dog to pee on command?

Some dogs can be trained to pee on command, but most dogs have a natural urge to mark their territory that makes this a difficult task. This article provides some tips that may help you teach your dog to pee on command. Here’s how you can teach your puppy how to potty on command. The first step is bringing the puppy outside on a leash. Even if you have a backyard, it’s really important that you bring […]

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Potty Training A Pug Puppy


Five suggestions for potty training your pug When you first bring your pug home, you might be more interested in cuddling and playing with all their new toys than less exciting activities like potty training. Despite their stubborn nature, pugs aren’t all that difficult to train to go outside like other breeds. Is that bad news? Housebreaking is challenging. Starting their training early will pay off in the long run and prevent many unwanted accidents and surprises […]

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