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What To Do With A Dog That Pulls On Leash?

What To Do With A Dog That Pulls On Leash

Many dog owners know that their furry friend can be a bit of a handful when it comes to walking on a leash. But what can you do if your dog consistently pulls on the leash? In this article, we’ll discuss some strategies for dealing with a dog that pulls on leash and help you find a training method that will work best for your pet. The Science of Dog Pulling Pulling on leash is a common […]

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Does Pulling Leash Hurt Dog?

For dog owners, one of the most common questions they ask is whether or not pulling on the leash hurts their dog. The answer to this question is actually quite complex, as it can depend on a number of factors. In this article, we’ll explore the various factors that come into play when determining whether or not leash-pulling is harmful to your dog. What is dog leash pulling? Dog leash pulling is when a dog pulls on […]

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Why Does My Dog Always Pull On The Leash?

Why Does My Dog Always Pull On The Leash

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of your dog pulling on the leash while you’re trying to take a peaceful walk around the block. But why do they do this, and how can you get them to stop? Read on to find out! Why Dogs Pull on the Leash Dogs have a natural instinct to pull on the leash while they are walking. This is because they are trying to get ahead of […]

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Loose Leash Walking: Training Your Dog Not To Pull


The most common behavior issue that clients come to me for assistance with, in my experience as a trainer, is pulling on the leash when walking. It can seem the most difficult to grasp, yet being able to walk our dogs on a leash is a fundamental and significant skill. No one enjoys taking a walk with a dog that constantly pulls. It’s horribly unpleasant and sometimes even dangerous. Owners of dogs commonly decide not to take […]

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Leash Training A Puppy Or Dog: How To Walk A Dog That Pulls


Do you want your dog to walk joyously at your side as you pass other dogs and people, stopping when you stop, turning when you turn and walking on a leash? When you tell them it’s okay, he uses the restroom and takes a sniff without tugging on the leash. Even though teaching a puppy to walk on a leash is perhaps the most challenging behavior you’ll ever have to teach him, the training is rewarding and […]

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6 Effective Tips To Stop A Dog From Leash Pulling

how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash

Undoubtedly, dogs have different objectives for their walks than their human companions. Humans usually prefer to walk neatly along a path or sidewalk. Dogs enjoy going wherever their noses lead them. Human humans move slowly. Dogs travel at different paces depending on how long they need to take in one scent before moving on to the next. All this could lead to a love-hate relationship when taking walks together, especially if your dog tends to drag you […]

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No Need For Force: How To Stop Your Dog From Pulling On The Leash And More

how to stop your dog from pulling

Could you kindly stop my dog from pulling so hard on the leash? It is among the most popular demands made on dog trainers. If dogs could hire human trainers, they would urge them to “just stop him from pulling on the leash so much.” “Now that I think about it, could you please stop him from constantly groping my body when a simple, courteous request would suffice?” It often seems more practical to train your dog […]

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