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How To Stop My Dog From Pulling On The Leash: Six Critical Points


How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Pulling on His Leash?  Pulling on the leash is a common behavior in dogs, especially when they are unfamiliar with it. When compared to their human companions, they usually have a different agenda. Humans prefer to walk in a systematic manner along a sidewalk or trail. They wanted to go wherever they wanted, so they followed their nose. Furthermore, in contrast to humans’ deliberate pace, dogs vary their speed […]

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Dog Pulling On Leash Nothing Works


How To Get A Dog To Stop Pulling On The Leash We faced some difficult challenges from the moment we brought our first dog home. Our dogs came with their own issues, either because of their history or because of their personalities, and we were way too inexperienced to help them. Walking on a leash was by far the worst of all the issues that needed to be addressed. Why Is Dog Walking On A Leash So […]

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