The Secret To A Happy, Healthy, And Well-Mannered Dog


We can all agree that a well-mannered dog with obedience training is better than one not used to being around people. And I believe we have all encountered a naughty or untrained dog at least once.

We like having the well-behaved dog around when we have guests, and it’s great to bring her along when we visit the pet store to get a new chew toy. A welcome and submissive dog is accepted almost anywhere. She feels more secure, at ease, and content with her surroundings. She is easier to live with when she is less anxious about her life.

So, what’s the catch?

The obedience drills will minimize your dog’s training in difficult situations you learn in private exercises or while staying with us at Training Tails for a board-and-train session. Obedience training helps your dog adjust to the environment.

Giving your dog basic obedience exercises regularly can be fun for both of you.

  • Practice leads to perfection.
  • Bad habits can be altered with consistent training.
  • Training for training can keep your dog safe.
  • He’ll be able to go practically anywhere with you.
  • You and your dog will develop a closer relationship.

Do not forget to keep track of the length of your practice sessions. It’s better to get 15 minutes of exercise several times a day, maybe right before playing fetch or tug.

When you’re practising obedience, keep your commands succinct, give lots of praise, and have fun. Adding new routines to your daily schedule can help to promote positive behaviour. For instance, wait to eat until you have had a chance to “sit-stay,” wait to enter doors or cross thresholds until you have had an opportunity to “wait,” etc. Send a consistent, clear indication when it’s time to eat or move around (like, walk, OK, or break). You could even bring a mat, rug, or dog bed into the kitchen while making dinner and use the “place” command and reward for the more prominent “place.”

Remember to reward your dog when he is calm and not misbehaving. Sometimes a simple belly rub is all that is required.

Enjoy this time with your dog; it is what matters most. Keep an optimistic attitude throughout. Smile. Dogs can read our body language and speech tone, so be sure to do both when you want to show appreciation for him following your directions.