These Dog Training Videos Turned Buddy Into a Good Dog


Buddy needed training, so I suggested that his owner check out the online videos done by “Doggy Dan”. You can watch them on any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

” I’m pulling my hair out, Michele, and it’s all Buddy’s fault! That dog is …”.

Karen continued about how Buddy wasn’t trained right as a puppy and now his peculiarities and habits issues are driving her insane.

She amazed me with a concern.

” I enjoy your books Michele, however I believe I might require to see the training strategies in action. Have you made any dog training videos?”.

Karen is. Often videos are much better than reading. My investigating and composing have actually kept me more than hectic, so I have not made any of my own videos.

I have actually discovered somebody I’m pleased to advise.

Presenting “Doggy Dan” The Online Dog Trainer.

Dan Abdelnoor (Doggy Dan), world-class trainer, author, animal welfare enthusiast, endorsed by the SPCA

Dan Abdelnoor (Doggy Dan), world-class trainer, author, animal welfare enthusiast, endorsed by the SPCA

I ‘d like to present Daniel Abdelnoor, understood expertly as “Doggy Dan.”.

Dan is a first-rate dog fitness instructor based in New Zealand. His video-based dog and puppy training website, The Online Dog Trainer, is the very best and fastest-growing dog training option readily available.

Training techniques: Dan’s training techniques, like mine, are based upon regard and management– not food allurements, discomfort, or ruthlessness. And he’s extremely excellent in front of the electronic camera– as you’ll quickly see.

You’ll hear the appropriate tones of voice to utilize with your dog, and feel the feelings to task for your dog’s advantage. The videos likewise reveal how magnificently the canines react.

Individual Consultations: Doggy Dan supports his videos with individual assessments. You can get in touch with him online, ask him concerns, even reveal him videos of your dog’s issue if you desire. He’ll examine your circumstance, recommend a service, and assist you execute it.

Recommendations: Doggy Dan is backed by the New Zealand SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). They understand that owners are far less most likely to return their rescue dog if they follow Dan’s training. And obviously, I back him too.

Doggy Dan has Special Videos for Training Puppies.


Trainer Doggy Dan shows you how to raise and train your new puppy.

Here’s an image of Dan with his brand-new puppy, Moses– a blended type embraced from the SPCA shelter. His popular “Project Moses” videos are perfect for revealing you, action by action, what to do and what not to do with your puppy.

It’s enjoyable to see how Doggy Dan reacts to all the common concerns young puppies have, and how Moses reacts to Dan’s training strategies.

I hope you do not consider it a plot spoiler if I inform you that Moses develops into a fantastic adult household dog who agrees Dan, his better half, their children, and their other household canines.

Doggy Dan has great deals of other puppy training videos, audio lessons, downloadable short articles, and summaries of his standards and strategies.


Doggy Dan with two of his well-behaved adult dogs. Dan’s Five Golden Rules made them the good dogs they are today.

Dan likewise has Videos to Help You Train an Adult Dog.

Do you need aid with remedying a particular dog habits that either concerns you or simply drives you insane?

  • not coming when called.
  • barking.
  • pulling on the leash.
  • house-training.
  • getting on individuals.
  • aggressiveness.

Doggy Dan’s videos have the responses you’re trying to find. He gets rave evaluations due to the fact that his strategies are simple to execute, and favorable outcomes are remarkably quick.

How does he do it?

He teaches Five Golden Rules that will change your relationship with your dog, turning him into a calm, pleased, and considerate fan who acknowledges you as the leader.

Second, Dan offers a substantial library of videos with detailed directions for fixing particular habits issues. These videos record live assessments with customers so you can see and hear Doggy Dan in action with genuine cases. He likewise does commentaries for you that completely describe what he’s doing so you can copy what he does.

How Did Doggy Dan’s Videos Work For Buddy?


Buddy likes Doggy Dan! So does his owner, Karen. She wishes she had started watching these videos when Buddy was still a puppy!

Keep in mind at the top of this short article where I informed you about Buddy, who was driving his owner insane? Karen enjoyed my books, however like many individuals, she discovered it handy to see training strategies in action.

I’m delighted to report that Karen took my recommendations and examined out Doggy Dan’s videos. Well, she enjoyed them, and it didn’t take long prior to she had Buddy’s wrongdoings totally turned around.

I’m an author, however I understand that often videos are much better than books!

Doggy Dan’s Online Training Videos: In a Nutshell.

Training technique:

  • Based on regard and management.
  • No remote controls, no shock collars.
  • No discomfort or ruthlessness.
  • Follows the natural impulses of how pet dogs view the world.
  • Learn to present yourself so your dog selects to please you.
  • Endorsed by the SPCA.

You get access to:

  • Five Golden Rules to make you the leader and your dog the fan.
  • 8 Everyday Tools and Techniques that all pet dogs comprehend.
  • over 250 dog training videos (brand-new ones weekly).
  • great deals of audio courses and programs (brand-new ones weekly).
  • great deals of PDF eBooks.
  • great deals of short articles.
  • unrestricted assessments in Doggy Dan’s online forum.

Reduce of usage:

  • You can access the website from any

    Works on all computers, tablets, and phones.

    computer system, laptop computer or phone.

  • Learn at your own speed. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your dog reacts when you stop duplicating what does not work and begin following Doggy Dan’s pointers and methods.


Consumer fulfillment:

  • Very high.
  • Those who have really utilized the program with their pets offer it a near ideal star ranking.
  • You can check out client remarks when you check out Dan’s website on a trial basis.

Contrast: I’m delighted to state the complete satisfaction feedback I receive from yourpurebredpuppy consumers has to do with the like Doggy Dan’s. That’s due to the fact that we both provide what we assure.

Can I enjoy a sample of Doggy Dan’s videos?

Yes! That’s what we’re going to do next.

Here’s a screenshot from Doggy Dan’s page. See the 5 dog training subjects? When you get to his page, click the subject you’re most thinking about, and you’ll see a terrific video.


Doggy Dan’s videos are the simplest method to …
an excellent dog.

a loyal dog.

the best household buddy.


Doggy Dan with two of his well-behaved dogs

  • All of Doggy Dan’s training is based upon regard and management– the very best techniques.
  • Step by action instructions for what to do and what to prevent.
  • How to raise a puppy so normal puppy problems never ever end up being issues.
  • What to do if your adult dog currently has issues.
  • Doggy Dan’s initial video will describe whatever he can do for you, total with before-and-after clips of him working his magic with a range of canines.
  • Dan will provide you an opportunity to sample his dog training knowledge, and test out his approaches with your own dog.
  • You’ll see favorable lead to just a couple of days… evidence that Doggy Dan’s program is precisely what your dog requires.

If you sign up with Doggy Dan’s neighborhood of dog fans, I get a little commission– enough that I can keep composing sincere evaluations and keep my site totally free to the general public… however not almost enough for me to purchase a brand-new puppy!

Yes, please! Take me to see Doggy Dan’s initial video