How to train your dog to come when called every time

How to train your dog to come when called every time

Why does my dog not come when I call her?

It is common to get complaints stating that their dog does not respond to their call.

Only few training exercises are funnier than the recall training because we often commit many errors. I will elucidate.

Our aim is to make our dog (Bella. come running at top speed to us.

To achieve this, we have to paint ‘here bella’ as the world’s greatest command which has the greatest rewards and results.

More tips are outlined below:

  • Do not call your dog when you are considering shutting her off. You can destroy many weeks of seriously training your dog to respond by shutting her off once. All of a sudden, she may see coming to you when you call as the wrong idea.
  • On almost all occasions, ensure you provide your dog with a great experience anytime he responds to your call. On the umpteenth time, you can choose to put it on a leash.
  • Adopt the use of a long line to put your dog under control if you are not convinced. A long line refers to a piece of rope which can be as lengthy as you desire and is placed on the ground but not far from your reach.
  • Does your dog get sad when going back to the car? You can offer it rewards behind the car like a little feed and water. You will notice a great change with time.

The typical formula to standard recall training is:

  1. Make the call of your dog
  2. In 2 seconds, reward your dog and then instantly
  3. Release the dog.

To give your dog an enjoyable experience, know the effect of applying attention and affection by holding it back and only release it when you intend to give reward. Of all tools available, this technique is one of the most efficient . People often make the mistake of giving the dog attention everytime they ask for it and yet we ask why they don’t respond to our call.

You can find all these methods demonstrated via videos including how to assume the role of a pack leader on The Online Dog Trainer