Why Are Dogs Called ‘Man’s Best Friend’?

Why Are Dogs Called ‘Man’s Best Friend’

For a very long time, people have considered dogs to be among their best and closest friends. Dogs perform the widest range of roles among domesticated animals, including friend, helper, protector, and lifesaver. Since they make such wonderful companions, dogs have been people’s best friends for many years. Dogs and people have had a close relationship for a very long time.

A mutually beneficial relationship

Dogs and humans have coexisted ever since dogs migrated with people across East Asia 15,000 years ago. The association made sense because both people and dogs are gregarious. Because they cannot thrive in isolation, strong social relationships benefit both psychologically (and frequently physically).

Although domestic dogs and wolves have 99% of the same genetic composition, dogs are much more affectionate with other dogs and humans than wolves are, who are more guarded and defensive. Because they are friendly group animals who thrive on praise and affection, dogs make good candidates for becoming a person’s best friend.

Dogs are now so domesticated that they rely on us for relationships, and we frequently find that we rely on them almost as much. Dogs and people have learned to live in harmony. Most dog owners will affirm that their dog is a family member. We also have a sympathetic ear, a warm paw to hold, and even strong legs to gallop beside when we have a loyal dog at home.

Where did the phrase “a man’s best friend” come from?

Truthfully, the phrase “man’s best friend” was first used in the American Supreme Court in 1870 when a brilliant lawyer by the name of George Graham Vest defended a man who had the utmost affection for his coonhound, Old Drum. According to Vest, when a neighbour killed Old Drum for trespassing, he killed not only a pet but also a significant family member.

The quote attributed to Vest goes like this: “In a society full of greedy people who aren’t averse to expressing ungratefulness or betraying people, a man’s dog is the only completely selfless friend he or she can have.”

Greater than a pet.

Dogs have frequently demonstrated loyalty, good nature, intelligence, and indomitable spirit. They gladly meet us and lift our spirits after what may have been the darkest day of our lives with a wag of their tail and a playful grin.

In addition to being a companion unlike any other, dogs aid humans with daily tasks, many of which might not be possible without them. Examples include herding sheep, hunting games, and helping people with disabilities. Since the 16th century, dogs have helped the blind. By the 1970s, dog trainers had developed techniques for teaching dogs to support people with disabilities.

As if those duties weren’t enough, dogs also help prevent prospective crimes and save lives, as in the cases of canines that detect drugs and bombs. German shepherds, a 200-year-old breed, are most frequently used by canine police worldwide.

You want a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you should get a dog.

Several academic studies have conclusively shown the health benefits of having a dog as a friend. Living with a dog has many health benefits, claims a recent Time Magazine article.

  • has to do with a longer life span
  • and a lower risk of developing heart disease.
  • reducing the negative health effects of living alone
  • can reduce allergies and asthma in kids.
  • increase opportunities for health-promoting social interaction

The study’s author emphasized that these health benefits only hold if the dog is given the appropriate attention and exercise. Though dogs have no direct impact on health, they are an incomparable source of companionship and unwavering love. They are by our sides when we are ill, depressed, or lonely. They still adore us, even grumpy, disrespectful, or nasty. The only animals that seem to understand humans on a level that even we cannot comprehend are dogs.

In most significant ways, dogs are our best friends, which is why we call them that. Dogs have assimilated into our homes because humans and dogs have had a long-standing relationship. Like we would work with our children, we are proud of our dogs and occasionally brag about them to other people. Play, cuddling, and reliance on the services they have learned to provide for us are some of the ways we communicate with them.

Dogs frequently deserve the title of “man’s best friend.”