Why Do Dogs Pull When Walking?


Dogs seem to enjoy a good stroll around town or even just a short walk in the park, but for some reason they always seem to pull when walking. Dogs have long necks and tails which enable them to move their bodies more easily, and when they start to pull on the leash, it’s because they’re trying to get as close to their quarry as possible.

Why do dogs pull when walking?

Dogs typically pull when they are walking because it helps them move forward. When a dog pulls, their hindquarters move first and then their front end moves forward. This helps them stay in control and navigate around objects or people. Additionally, when a dog is pulling, their chest and stomach are pushed out, which creates more power and momentum for the movement.

The Causes of Dog Pulling When Walking

One of the most common behaviors exhibited by dogs when walking is pulling. This behavior can be frustrating for both dog and owner, as it often results in decreased mobility and an overall less enjoyable stroll. However, there are many potential causes of dog pulling, and understanding why your pet is doing it can help resolve the issue.

One of the most common reasons that dogs pull is because they’re trying to get attention from their owners. When a dog sees its owner approaching, it may feel compelled to follow the person closely – even if this means pulling on the leash. Other causes of dog pulling can include boredom or anxiety; if your pet tends to pull while walking, paying close attention to their environment might help alleviate some of these issues. Additionally, providing lots of activity and toys around the house – both indoors and outdoors – can keep your pet entertained and happy while you’re away.

Solutions to Stop Dog Pulling When Walking

There are a few solutions to stop dog pulling when walking. One solution is to use a harness and leash. This will help the dog know that he cannot pull too hard, and it will also help keep them from getting too far away from you. Another solution is to use a training collar and leash. This will help you train the dog not to pull, and it will also help keep them close by.


There are many reasons why dogs might pull when walking. Some of the most common causes include anxiety, fear, and boredom. If you notice that your dog is pulling excessively or becoming aggressive while out walking, it may be helpful to speak to a veterinary professional about possible solutions. Sometimes medication can help ease the symptoms of these problems, while other times behavior modification programs may be necessary in order to resolve them.