Why Does My Dog Pee In The Same Spot?


Dog behaviour frequently leaves owners perplexed or enraged. Owners’ most frequent problem is with their dog’s bathroom habits.

Why does my dog urinate there consistently?

Does your dog have a designated bathroom place in your home? Sadly, once a dog has chosen a location as its favoured toilet area, it can be challenging to break the habit. To change a dog’s habit, you must first comprehend why they always urinate in the same place.


Because they can smell their urine there, your dog may frequently urinate in the same spot. Dogs return to the same area regularly. They can smell their urine, so they know this is the right place to urinate.

Even if you can’t smell it, your dog can. A dog’s nose is 1,000 times more powerful than a person’s. Even if you think the area is clean and deodorized, your dog will still smell their distinct stench.


Another argument for why dogs constantly return to the same spot is due to this. Through their pee, dogs may communicate with one another. It contains vital information about the condition, growth, and wellness of your dog’s sexual organs.

Dogs of both sexes mark their territory with pee. By regularly peeing there, your dog may be marking the area as their own. This tells other dogs to know that your dog is in charge of the territory.

Bathroom area

Dogs typically won’t urinate in an area they consider their own. Your dog is probably eliminating in an area where they don’t spend much time, away from where they eat and sleep. Your dog uses it as their bathroom because they don’t frequent the area.


Dogs are creatures that value routine and habits. Once they’ve carried out a task a few times, they might acquire a habit. The initial drive can fade. They continue doing it because they have done it in the past.

Optimal Discipline

Dogs’ memory is governed by the ideas of positive and negative reinforcement. Their memory for associations is perfect. This suggests that children retain the feelings evoked by the activities.

If they love peeing in the area, they will remember these pleasurable memories forever. They will continue to pee there since they remember how nice it feels to do so.

Surface Preference

Each dog has its favourite surface. Typically, they peed on this surface when they were puppies. Even as adult dogs, they still prefer to urinate in the same area that they did as puppies.

This is probably why your dog occasionally uses the same surface but not usually in the same spot.

Why does my dog pee in the same spot inside the house every time?

Bathroom area

Your living area is your complete home. However, your dog might disagree. Suppose you find your dog regularly utilizing the same unoccupied space in the house. In that case, they likely view it as their bathroom.

The area is still outside their room, whether or not you use it or if your dog doesn’t use it.

The environment Has Changed.

The surrounding environment can alter and influence behaviour. The most obvious trigger is when a new dog enters the home. However, it can begin marking if your dog comes across new people or smells.

This may be how your dog chooses to define their territory. It’s also conceivable that it’s because your dog is wary of novel odours. They may frequently urinate in the same area to create a recognizable smell since they enjoy the comforting scent of your dog.

Why does my dog urinate outside in the same spot every time?

The initial stage of the conflict is to keep your dog from using the restroom outside. Additionally, your dog might pee in areas outside that you’d like them to avoid.


Your dog does not regard your front door as the edge of its territory. Dogs naturally desire to expand their territory. Therefore they mark objects well outside of their residential area.

Other Dogs’ Theodor

If one dog does, likely, other dogs will also urinate there. This can be a part of the marking behaviour. The heavy urine smell in the area is another possibility, though. Dogs interpret the smell of urine as a sign that says, “Bathroom here.”

Beyond their area

Once more, your dog might choose a spot outside their preferred area. Do they use that location to urinate every time they stop for a break? Do they dash to the nook in the neighbour’s yard? This is because since they are apart from their living area, these areas are appropriate for a bathroom in their eyes.

Facebook for dogs

In addition to acting as a messaging area, your dog may pee in the same spot outside for the reasons indicated above. The saying “fire hydrant” is very accurate. Dogs urinate in hubs to talk to one another. Think of it as a dog version of Facebook!

How can you stop a dog from peeing in a particular spot?

How do you get your dog to stop peeing in the same spot now that you know why they do it?

Using enzymes

Routine cleaning techniques do not eliminate your dog’s smell of pee. You may be familiar with the idea of the digestive enzymes in your stomach. They work in similarly cleaning solutions. Since urine is a naturally occurring chemical, enzyme cleaners may break it down. Enzyme cleaners are also widely used in septic tanks since they can break down biological waste.

You could be tempted to use carpet or steam cleaning if the area has carpet. These are regrettably awful ideas. Steam can bind odour-causing proteins to the carpet, making them nearly impossible to remove.

Cleaning your carpet won’t get rid of all the proteins in it. When employed, an enzyme cleanser’s effects will be decreased because it is also attempting to break down the residue left behind by the cleaning solution.

Blot up as much urine as you can as an alternative. Spray cool, clean water on the area, then wipe it with a clean cloth. Remove a shop vac for more liquid removal options. After that, apply the enzyme cleanser as directed by the manufacturer.

Take a while there.

You can persuade your dog that it’s not a bathroom by spending time there with him. If you leave them in the area unattended, they might pee there once more. However, playing or cuddling in the same room is a great idea.

Access Restrictions

Even though it’s just a short-term solution, restricting access to the area is frequently necessary. The habit of consistently peeing in the same spot is broken in your dog. This is an excellent short-term fix while you clean the area and teach the dog to regard it as a part of their living area.

Put some food nearby.

Dogs frequently naturally dislike eating in the same room as the bathroom. You may try feeding your dogs there or giving them rewards after they use the restroom there. If your dog believes that an area is where they can get food, they are unlikely to continue peeing there.

Recreated Surface

Dogs begin to favour smooth surfaces as puppies. If your dog prefers to utilize the same spot, put that surface where it can urinate.

Try placing a scrap piece of wood where you want them to urinate if they prefer to urinate on hard surfaces or look for a hard surface like concrete. If your dog prefers grass, you can purchase canine-specific astroturf.