Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer Review – Legit or a Scam?

Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer is probably one of the most popular online dog training programs available.

One of the best dog training courses is considered to be the Nylabone Anti-Slip Training System.

So, what exactly is Dan doing?

Well, he is training dogs, and that is a very common answer. But, what few people know is the ways that doggy dan actually trains all the dogs.

I decided to train my Rottie Hulk through the The Online Dog Trainer . Only because it provides so much more training for my Dog than I could ever ask.

I signed up for a full 6-month subscription, along with a three day trial of an online dog trainer program, with the intention of turning Hulk into a perfect pet that I’ve always wanted. However, after only a few days, I decided to cancel the subscription.

Dan utilized various techniques to train the dogs.

I decided to not accompany the program after learning how he trained his dogs.

I wouldn’t adhere to any of the dog training techniques Dan employs to train my dog.

I would never point anybody in your life to Dan ‘s approach towards dog training.

Dan’s training philosophy has some extreme consequences if you don’t follow the directions.

Nearly all reviews about the online fitness trainer program neglect to mention the risks of this situation in my estimation, and I continue to wonder why no one has yet written about that.

Anyways, here I now disclose it all. In Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer Review, I will disclose all my findings and provide an explanation for the reason why you should avoid it.

Without further ado, let s begin diving right away.

Who is Doggy Dan? Was he a canine detective?

the online dog trainer review

Dan Abdelnoor, also known as Doggy Dan, is one of the most renowned dog trainers in the industry.

He’s also an author and wrote the book, namely What the Dogs Taught Me About Being a Father, a TV personality and a speaker. Plus, he likewise loves to help other expectant moms and dads to raise their offspring in an appropriate command.

Dan moved from the UK to Auckland with his current spouse and children, and three dogs.

Before that he became a dog training and behavioral specialist, he was actually an Engineer and a teacher. It was 2008 when he made the decision to transition from engineer to dog trainer and behavioral specialist.

After becoming a trainer, he found jobs for the most well-known TV shows almost immediately.

That is where Dog Almighty’s producers spotted the star in Dan and took him for his Television show; they’ve also recently begun their own podcast.

Also, he’s a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and finally, he’s a Qualified Dog Listener. He has attained a Basic and Advanced Certificate in Dog Speech from Jan Fennell, a well-known Dog Listener.

Though his credentials seem to suggest a professional dog trainer, you should know that he is not licensed as a professional trainer. I had trouble finding any source verifying that he is certified.

Do see Doggy Dan’s training method to be safe?

doggy dans online dog trainer review

Dan ‘s dog training methods caused me to turn away from Dan . I am unable to criticize him because of his methods. If I try to, I will be mistaken.

Both the Dominance Theory and Dominance hierarchy training techniques are used by Dan in training methods. Referred to as alpha dog training, pack theory training, or dog whispering, it is also known as Dominance Theory  preoccupied with dominant behavior and the hierarchy.

It is against my style to enroll in training courses centered on these methods. If I had known this earlier, I wouldn’t have even considered Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer program.

However, because of that, his dog training facility is fully approved by the Royal New Zealand SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

Dan goes through alpha training and the associated concepts. However, Dan using alpha training and the related concepts is one of the crucial reasons the Doggy Dan Program is such an excellent training system.

  • So this is what’s the definition of a Pack Leader?

the online dog trainer reviews

The fundamental concept underlying pack training is to teach your dog to respect and see you as an authoritative figure and primarily his master. Not only that, but even so, you’ll also need to repeatedly bring your pooch back to the realization that you are the boss.

To earn yourself look like a pack leader, you must demonstrate leadership in dog collars. If Fido is a pup, you must behave as the female wolf and earn your Dog regard you as a pack leader.

If you neglect to provide training, the dog is likely to take control of the pet pack and will change its conduct accordingly.

This theory is hardly being considered for wolves nowadays; why do you suppose we humans think it will work on our dogs?

I’ve assembled all the tips Dan recommends for our future status at the top of this pack.

Principles from the online dog training program called Doggy Dan.

Doggy Dan instructs you on the five Golden Rules that will lead you towards becoming the Pack Leader. Below is just one of them.

The 5 Golden Rules are the five most important in life.

  • Unfortunately, many gestures are used to consume food.

This is one of the most important parts of shelter building for beginners, and the very first step you will learn how to go on the journey to become the pack leader.

Your Dog is watching while you are eating any of your food before he or she does.

The idea is that each time in a pack, the alpha is the one who will eat first.

After you have finished eating your dishes, you should feed your doggie the same. However, for your pet to eat all of the food you have prepared for it, you must put it in the bowl within a couple of seconds. It is also important that you don’t make eye contact with your canine nor speak to it while feeding.

This is so your dog will know that you are in charge of its resources.

  • Ignoring your dog after separation neglects it.

This is the next rule. Here, the thing you must do is after being away is to ignore your Dog. Doggy Dan recommends that you totally ignore them upon your return. Avoid eye contact, speaking, and handle your business.

  • Who is in charge of walking who?

This step comes in when taking your canine for a walk. Every time as you are outside with your dog, don’t assume you are being walked.

Try to assert dominance while walking, so you should be the former, and your hound should be the latter, without letting the balance of power ever shift.

According to this theory, if you let your Dog walk ahead of you, he will begin walking all over you in other areas of your home relationship.

The reasoning behind this as traveling the alpha of the wolf pack takes the lead position.

  • Show your dog that you are capable of handling any danger.

Another way to show that you are the leader of the pack (Alpha Dog) is when you deal with an aggressive Dog. You aren’t permitted to shout or make sudden eye contact. Only be assertive and be calm to show that something is not acceptable to you and make your point without shouting or speaking up.

Your dog will realize you’re not interested in any of its nonsense.

The idea is that nobody should be impulsive in the surroundings and that a leader should calmly and assertively interact with a difficulty.

  • Your first duty is to explain the terms.

In this rule, your Dog should obey whatever you say, make your Dog listen to you, and make your Dog demonstrate that you are the one who is giving the orders.

These are the five Golden Rules covered in Doggy Dan’s online course for dog training. And to be honest, I am totally against this approach.

Learning the 5 Golden Rules is essential to gaining back something.

the online dog trainer

Eating first, defying after separation, and residing in a higher position are all considered ignoble and unnecessary behavior.

Along with that, this Dominance-Based Training is considered naughty, obsolete, and not supported by scientific studies.

By the way, as I mentioned before, even wolves don’t follow these anymore.

According to observation by wildlife biologists, alpha wolves these days, instead of taking the lead while traveling in packs, survey from the back or near the pack.

The leaders follow the food for the young ones, who usually eat first because they’re smaller.

As recently observed, wolves today seem to favor the pack over higher roles.

However, the “golden rules” for true success as a blogger doesn’t really make sense.

When a person eats before their dog, it doesn’t make sense and will not help that intelligent species believe they are the alpha in the relationship. They are well aware you are the one who helps them eat.

It’s not always because your Dog is dominant and walks ahead of you that he walks like this. Dog walking training is a matter of teaching the animal to walk next to you, rather than pulling the lead.

When you come home after a long day, and ignore your dog, it’s not the best way to make them feel loved. Rather than neglect your pup, treat him or her like they missed you and greeted you with the same energy they greeted you with.

A Dominance-based training method can affect a relationship between the owner and the dog. It poses serious risks to the owner’s physical health in some cases.

  • In what ways does the Doggy Dan Online Dog Training Program work?

After you train your dog, there is another problem with Doggy Dan’s training program: The more common correction-style training which this method shares many of the same principles to dominance-based training.

And before I continue, I want to say that Doggy Dan is a balanced canine trainer. So there’s lots of information about that if you’re not familiar with the term.

A Balanced canine trainer is someone who uses both food rewards and punishment training to get their dogs trained. These trainers don’t typically use the word punishments- instead they say “correcting your dog” or that they are “correcting.”

At times, positive reinforcement training leads to the desired results, but negative consequences are likely to be introduced if it doesn’t.

Dog training can cause a distressful experience. This is because the person training your Dog will be on the receiving end of its bad behavior.

However, now that I’ve covered how Doggy Dan approaches writing by combining various techniques, let’s look into the features of doggy dan.

Everything you need to know about Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer

online dog training

This online dog training course is thankfully provided with a 3-day trial. You will have access to all the materials in this course during that time. I failed to do this since I immediately subscribed to the program along with the trial.

Nevertheless, what you’ll see here are simply staggering. This is one of the reasons I decided to pay for the product; you get so much for what you pay.

After making a payment, you have immediate access to get ready for your intelligent Doggy Dan service. Once you have arrived and watched the introduction video, Doggy Dan will share some of the different experiences that he has had while interacting with different dog breeds over time.

Dog Calming Code, Emotional Healing and Advanced Dog Training

Top Features of Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training Program

The most essential section is the one where Dan’s Online Program reveals the five “golden” rules that will help you succeed in all areas.

For example, 22 videos along with some audio are included in the Dog Calming Code section of this book. These videos will have you understand them easily.

Everyday habits and techniques.

This section provides techniques Doggy Dan personally uses with his clients, although some of the solutions concentrate on force-free procedures instead of punishing children.

Here, Doggy Dan will show how to use a short line and heavy line, the energy meter, a stick trick, a gentle freeze, and some other strategies.

Dan claims that these methods work well for older puppies.

However, in this same area, Doggy Dan also talks about isolating a dog. In addition, he indicates that isolating your dog is a form of punishment.

This is where that balanced trainer trait of Dan comes in. Even after you ve trained your dog to stop unwanted behavior patterns and he still keeps doing them, you can seek ways to separate the dog without him getting distracted.

Dog isolation may cause stress and could even result in aggression. Further, avoid using isolation chambers in rooms like the attic or basement.

And also, there are 18 Videos with some articles and PDFs here.

Puppy training is a component of teaching a puppy.

doggy dan online dog trainer

This section includes 18 videos and covers everything you need to know about raising a puppy. If you have a puppy for the first time, this will assist.

Here you’ll discover numerous videos that supply valuable info for brand-new and seasoned pet proprietors. Before you advance to the next training lesson, first make sure you have finished it.

Take a peek at what you will learn in the dog training section.

  • Introduction.
  • General Health.
  • Get started.
  • Meeting everything in the world.
  • Dog behavior problem Issues.
  • Basic Command Training.

Doggy Dan’s categories are further divided into subsections, and he orchestrates everything without overcomplicating it.

Moses project

online dog trainer course

The category I like the most is this category.

Doggy Dan uses his own dog, Moses, to document his dog training and experiences, from the time when Moses first entered the world to when he was around eight months old.

This project covers everything similar to Puppy Training but at greater length and with real-life examples. Additionally, it contains 68 videos.

One of the benefits of this is that it instructs you on what you should teach your dog out of its particular age.

For example, here’s what you will teach your dog at 15 weeks old, according to the Project Moses segment of the Training Your Puppy portion of a guide.

  • Moses was socializing with Blue.
  • Moses was socializing with Gimli.
  • Keeping Moses from getting out of the house.
  • Keeping Moses from receiving the picnic.
  • Retrieving a stolen shoe.
  • A standing-up exercise, such as the sit-down stand.

Project Moses addresses troubles you may face the first day after bringing home your new puppy. Below are a number of them.

  • Chewing.
  • Mouthing.
  • Potty training.
  • Crate training.
  • Sit Down.
  • Desensitizing.
  • Stay.
  • Leash Walking.
  • Swimming.
  • Stand.
  • Socializing.

Along with these, there are more.

  • Bringing the puppy inside for care.
  • Introducing your puppy to your family is a major step.
  • Ways to put an end to your puppy’s cries until the crate is closed at night.
  • A detailed list what toys you can buy.
  • Teaching a pup to associate with anxiety while alone.
  • Dog obedience training.

That covers a great deal, and to be honest, this portion of the guideline goes over more than a new puppy owner could ever have expected.

Dog disorders.

the online dog trainer doggy dan

This section is provided for beginners who didn’t train dogs properly, as well as for any dogs that started out artificially. Also, it’s good for dogs from shelters or undesirable backgrounds.

Dog Dan is here to make you aware of a technique to handle behavior problems you’re currently dealing with.

He makes use of various research-focused techniques in this section and provides some advice. This section comprises 56 videos.

From this section, you will learn what you have learned from it.

Introduction to Dog Problems.

  • A dog runs from home.
  • Aggression.
  • Barking.
  • Separation Anxiety.
  • Hyperactivity.
  • Jumping Up.
  • Pulling on the Leash.
  • Not Coming When Called.
  • Panic attacks and phobias.
  • Obsessions.
  • Eating Poop.
  • Jumping on Furniture is an active adventure.

Training a pet dog.

doggy dan online dog trainer reviews

This lesson section contains 41 videos of very valuable info that can’t be found in any dog training course elsewhere on the internet.

I’m pretty sure you will not find it online.

I recommend that you learn your dog’s body face language here.

In addition to this, this section covers Basic training concepts, command training, reward, and finally, swim and play fetch. Teaching Hulk, all these would have been a lot of fun, but due to Doggy Dan s training philosophy, I could not.

Finally, he dives into the safety of the human-canine family unit.

Doggy Dan’s Review – Forum

The Community Forum is a great place to get answers to your questions about the program and questions related to it. Hence it can be seen to be available in this program, too.

Traditional dog training programs, as well as Doggy Dan, answer user questions frequently and are always actively involved.

Overall, it is a useful part of the Doggy Dan program.

We have more than 250 videos on every imaginable subject.

Dan’s Online Dog Trainer is full of informative training videos.

There are 250 videos for every training.

All the “how-to” videos related to this discipline have descriptive information, and I was amazed at how simple everything was explained.

Plus, after each video, you’ll get a write-up with the critical element in that particular video.

There are other downloads for further info, and most of the segments are included with a number of his podcasts.

Among the benefits of these dog training lessons is that you get to observe Real Life Client Consultations with dog owners and their problematic dogs. You will see everything from Dan arriving on the scene to how he deals with the issue at the client’s house, so stay tuned.

You could get hold of the doggy daycare training program through the use of their mobile phone application. But when I was making use of it, it was such a lousy experience that I was unable to take advantage of it. I believe this was because of the fact that it had been in beta form.

Watch Doggy Dan walk about on stage.

How much does Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer cost?

The very first thing you get to do is test his program for 3 days, and it costs only $1. You aren’t restricted by what you’ll be using; you have access to everything and anything his site has to offer.

If you would like to change your plans, you can cancel your subscription whenever you like.

Why is the Dominance and Punishments in this dog training program of interest to you, and you merely want to train your Dog, if you would like to subscribe to a subscription of $37 per month?

You are free to cancel this subscription at any time.

With other subscriptions also available, you have several options.

  • 6-month Membership $147 ($24.50 per month)
  • 12-month Membership $198 ($16.50 per month)

best online dog training

You will receive a 60-day money back guarantee when you purchase, and you may cancel your subscription at any time with Dan’s special instructions.

$37 per month is not cheap, even though the program has a lot of material included. In addition, the fact that Doggy Dan uses outdated, cruel, and incorrect training techniques makes it impossible to recommend the program to anyone.

Will using the online dog trainer program work?

online dog trainer

For dog owners, and whatever their training philosophy is, if what they are doing works, then it is successful.

If you ask me whether Doggy Dan’s online dog training program works, I would probably say it will.

Using what Dan teaches, you can get your dog trained. However, using his philosophy too often can actually cause harm rather than good.

Thus, knowing everything about its philosophy, you should think twice before trying it on your dog.

What are the pros and cons of the online dog trainer?

Despite knowing all this, it’s understandable if you’re still curious about taking courses with Dan’s program, so let’s go over the positive and negative factors.

online dog training

Best Online Dog Trainer Options

I had no choice but to search for a dog trainer. Even after unsubscribing from the online program, I could not find anyone else who was looking for a dog trainer without paying for a subscription.

I was also considering signing up for a PetSmart group class, since the reviews in my area were not very good.

So why do you need to decide between Legit or Scam?

After consulting dozens of dog trainers, I have concluded that these guys charge so much.

Could a dog trainer really be worth $75 an hour?

doggy dan the online dog trainer reviews

I had already tried all my other online program options, so I decided to give one of the best online dog training courses a try. That’s when I found Brain Training For Dogs

After studying the program and gathering a ton of information, I was unable to find a single negative review. This is great.

The program emphasizes positive reinforcement techniques and is designed by, and trained by, Adrienne Faricelli- the founder who is a certified dog trainer.

The real, affordable price of the Brain Training For Dogs program caught my attention first. This program just costs $47.

The cost of this course is high but it’s offset by its value. One-time payment and you can use the course anywhere, anytime.

Here’s everything I got after purchasing the program: Doggy Dan Scam Review

How to solve behavioral problems

  • Digging.
  • Whining.
  • Chewing.
  • Excessive barking.
  • Impulse control.
  • Hyperactivity.
  • Ignoring your commands.
  • Potty training.
  • Dealing with aggression.
  • Jumping.

And much more…

Watch these 7 videos to see Doggy Dan in action

  • Play Dead.
  • Take a Bow.
  • Shake Hands.
  • Rollover.
  • Dance Howl.
  • Cover His Eyes.

Obedience 101 Training:

  • Stay.
  • Heel.
  • Come To You.
  • Drop It.
  • Sit.
  • Lie Down.
  • Take or Leave Items.

Adrienne’s Archive:

  • Offers information about 100 different topics, covering everything to expect with your puppy.
  • Here you will get to know force-free methods for training, potty training, biting inhibition, and socializing your dog.
  • Consult Easy and Simple Methods for Troubleshooting Unwanted Dog Behavior
  • Adrienne: here, you can ask the author of this program any questions you’re interested in. They will be able to answer any question you have related to their software.
  • Case studies: the dog Adrienne is training here has had the name Sadie. Adrienne shares everything she experienced with this service animal.
  • Private forum similar to Doggy Dan Online Course is also available.

After purchasing this course, you’ll only get that. The course includes a 60-day money-back guarantee too.

I’ve been using Copymatic for a couple of months now. And I have to say, this program really exceeded my expectations and it’s a steal at its current price.

brain training for dog review

Over To You

The Verdict

I hope this Doggy Dan Review was worth your time. Now you might have a clear idea of what The Online Dog Trainer is all about.

The program is not bad; it includes helpful content and links, such as videos and quizzes. This website has many parts that other websites don’t.

However, the simple fact that the course is all about dominance-based techniques makes it very hard to digest. As researchers suggest, these techniques can have a negative impact on dogs.

If the program had been built with food-based incentives, it could’ve been an excellent strategy. Instead, that’s not what this software offers.

Furthermore, you may decide that the philosophies of Doggy Dan are right for you and nobody else. These are your decisions to make and you do not need to be somebody who is totally fine with these philosophies.

The program Brain Training for Dogs is the best one out there. It has everything you need when it comes to dog training.

And you’re the one who will make the decision.

The answers to the questions that many people seem to be asking

Does Doggy Dan’s Review Offer Money Back Guarantee?

  • Doggy Dan offers a 60-day guarantee. If they are not satisfied with the product, they can easily return it.

How much is an online training dog handler?

  • 3-day trial: $1
  • Monthly Membership: $37/month
  • 6-Month Membership: $147 ($24.50/month)
  • 12-Month Membership: $198 ($16.50/month)

Does the Online Dog Trainer Course work?

  • The online dog trainer course is not free. It costs $37 per month.

Is the dog any good?

  • Doggy Dan is an excellent resource for dog owners. He offers clear and concise instructions on how to train your dog, and his findings rely entirely on positive reinforcement.

What Is Doggy Dan And The Calming Code?

  • Doggy Dan and the calming code is a dog training and behavior modification system created by Doggy Dan, a professional dog trainer with years of experience working with dogs. It helps dogs learn to cope with different circumstances by developing instincts so they can stay calm and relaxed in any situation.

Does the Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer work?

  • There is no definitive answer to whether this program is effective; however, many people have found it to be a useful software program to use with their dogs. Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer is a program of this description.

brain training for dog review